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What Criminal Minds watch out

10/20/2013 Back To Blog

Criminal minds are certainly peculiar and there is no accident that entire departments in universities are dedicated to the studies of these people's behavior. In extreme cases, their minds work in a different manner if compared with average people, but common thieves don't think completely differently from you and me; just use their brains for a different purpose since their only concern is to break through your security door locks.

What are they looking for?

  • They target the neighborhood, the block, the house and start following your movements trying to understand whether you leave the doors open, the windows unprotected and the garage door neglected.
  • They will take a stroll around your house and check the door locks or whether you leave any windows open during the night.
  • They will definitely know whether you have an alarm system and whether you use it or not.
  • They will follow the daily schedule of your whole family and soon they will know each one of you by your first names. It's scary, but it's true. Don't forget that most intruders are ordinary people like you and me and can easily find out about your family, whether you are social and the last time you had your locks replaced.
  • They have patience and they will wait to see whether you take small vacations or long weekends away and whether you do anything to reinforce your security at that time with lock repair or any other service.
  • They will study the cars, which come and go, in the neighborhood and very soon they will be familiar with your peculiarities and everything concerning your home security.

What you are expected to do

Your power is your knowledge that we live in dangerous times and your house could be targeted. Once you know that, you should proceed with lock change every few years and definitely reinforce the whole security of the house and its perimeter. After that, let them watch. They will know that your house is impenetrable and won't bother following your family not even for a day.

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