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Do you need good, efficient answers to your lock and key related questions? Click here. We provide you with short, simple replies to help you deal with everyday lock problems. Are you locked out? Do you need advice? Get the information you were looking for.

What are child locks?

Child locks are used to keep children out of dangerous cabinets. These locks are keyless and adults can simply push a lever down while opening the cabinet and move disable the lock. Children are not able to easily maneuver this type of lock. Child locks are usually of high quality so that they can withstand constant attempts of pulling and can easily be installed and uninstalled because they are simple and made of metal or plastic.

What does it mean when a key is made to code?

Most of the keys available these days have a code that identifies them to the locksmith. This code can also be identified by looking at the cuts. According to the professionals at Locksmith Shoreline, even if you lost your key, but have written down the code, you can simply request for our technicians' advice and ask for a replacement key.

How can I organize my keys?

Gather all keys together in one place and before you toss away the rusty ones, have them replaced and try to figure out to which door locks they belong. Then, you should put a tag on them and keep them all in a safe place, where no one can find them but you can have easy access.

How do I restore multipoint locks?

First check whether they are of the UPVC variety or not before proceeding. Do not remove internal parts since they cannot be acquired separately. Use the manual that was provided by the manufacturer and follow every single step without deviation. Test before further use.

I’m installing a lock – what do I watch for?

Safety precautions are paramount when installing a lock because accidents do occur when people aren’t completely prepared to tackle a project – especially when it has to do with installing locks. Make sure that you have all of the necessary safety gear on, and that you have the proper tools to dealing with the installation.

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