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Do you want to change the door locks and don't know how? Here you can find the easiest tips.

Having back up keys

There are times when you tend to forget things especially when you are in a rush. Often you forget to take with you house keys, car keys and keys to your office. It is a very sound action to have back-up keys in your bag always so as not have the inconvenience of not being able to open doors, cabinets and your car.

Change of locks, change of tenants

If you have tenants and they come and go after a while, your security is being put in danger. Since you are giving them duplicates of your house keys for easy entrance to your house for them, experts from Locksmith Shoreline suggest that you change your locks as often as you change tenants. This way no previous tenants will have access to your house.

Keep personal codes secret

If you have installed electronic locks to some of your home doors, keep the codes secret even from your own children. They might share your personal password with strangers by mistake or they might use the code to get out of the house without your supervision.

High quality locks

Whether you go for electronic or manual locks, it is up to you. Our specialists suggest that whatever your choice is as long as you stick with a high quality brand, there is nothing wrong with it. Just make sure that you are comfortable with your choice.

Install a safe at home, too

Safes are not just for offices. They can keep documents, jewelry and money secure. Just make sure to change the combination often and before safe installation, think of the most improbable place in the house to put it so that intruders will not find it.

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