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Does Your New Home Lock Efficiently?

11/25/2014 Back To Blog

When we are searching for a new house, we never check the door locks; instead we emphasize mostly on matters concerning the plumbing system, the space and the number of rooms. How can we accept the possibility of being indifferent to matters concerning our security! Do we just consider lock replacement an easy procedure and, thus, we don't bother with that now? If this is the case, why most new tenants don't replace the locks of their new home? The truth is that most houses are delivered literally with the key in hand but are you sure it would be wise to keep the same keys? Shouldn't you check the security provided by your new home first?

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• If the front door is made of steel and seems new and durable and if there are security door locks of high technology, you should just do lock rekey. Otherwise, you should consider an extra expense for the purchase of a new security lock system and possibly of a new door.
• Sometimes, older houses do not have keys to all internal doors. Furthermore, many locks have been painted and may not work properly. Some underestimate the importance of these doors but they might add to your security, too.
• Check whether lock installation was recently done with the doors leading to the garage and basement. These doors must stay secure most hours of the day and they will definitely make a difference to your home's security. If there are no locks or they haven't been replaced lately, you can find excellent locksmith solutions but it will be an extra cost.
• You should check the garage door since it is the favor entry point of most intruders. These doors can be locked, too.
• Don't forget to check whether there are some cabinet locks around the house. These cabinets would be necessary to hide medicine or detergents, especially if you have children.

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